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Public Attributes

band Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

gchar bandchar
gint bandmulti
gchar * ctrlsp
enum ctrlstates ctrlstate
gint dirty_save
gint dirty_stats
gint dirty_statsf
gint dupe_in_tmpqso
gint ignoreswap
struct inputlnil
enum last_items last_item
enum modes mode
gchar * mope1
gchar * mope2
gchar * operator
GPtrArray * oqs
gchar * pband
gint psect
gchar * qrv_str
GPtrArray * qs
GPtrArray * qsos
gint readonly
gchar * remarks
gchar * sante
gchar * santh
gint saveid
gchar * skedqrg
gchar * spowe
enum spymodes spymode
GPtrArray * spypeers
gchar * srxeq
struct statsstats
int stats_break
GMutex * stats_mutex
GThread * stats_thread
struct fifostatsfifo1
gchar * stxeq
FILE * swap
struct fifoswapfifo
struct qso tmplocqso
struct tmpqso tmpqsos [TMP_QSOS]
struct statstmpstats
struct fifounfi
gchar * unres

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1951 of file header.h.

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