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Public Attributes

cwdaemon Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int abort
GString * code
GMutex * code_mutex
int(* cw )(struct cwdaemon *, int)
char * desc
struct cwdev * dev
int(* echo )(struct cwdaemon *)
int fd
int(* free )(struct cwdaemon *)
int(* init )(struct cwdaemon *)
int(* monitor )(struct cwdaemon *, int)
int pipe_read
int pipe_write
int(* ptt )(struct cwdaemon *, int)
int(* reset )(struct cwdaemon *)
int sock
gint speed
int(* ssbway )(struct cwdaemon *, int)
int(* sspeed )(struct cwdaemon *, int)
int(* sweight )(struct cwdaemon *, int)
int(* text )(struct cwdaemon *, char *)
GThread * thread
int thread_break
int tune
gint weight

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2624 of file header.h.

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