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    Tucnak - VHF contest log
    Copyright (C) 2002-2006  Ladislav Vaiz <ok1zia@nagano.cz>
    and authors of web browser Links 0.96

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or                                                        
    modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License                                                          
    version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.


#ifndef __HEADER_H
#define __HEADER_H

#include <glib.h>
#include <glib/gprintf.h>

#include "../config.h"

#ifndef __USE_POSIX 
#define __USE_POSIX
#ifndef __USE_POSIX2
#define __USE_POSIX2
#ifndef __USE_MISC
#define __USE_MISC
#ifndef __USE_BSD
#define __USE_BSD

#ifdef HAVE_MATH_H
#include <math.h>
#include <sys/ioctl.h>

#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <sys/file.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>

#include "os_dep.h"

#include <sys/time.h>
#ifdef HAVE_TIME_H
#include <time.h>
#if defined(TM_IN_SYS_TIME) && defined(HAVE_SYS_TIME_H)
#include <sys/time.h>
#elif defined(HAVE_TIME_H)
#include <time.h>

#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <dirent.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <sys/wait.h>
#include <sys/select.h>

#include <netinet/in_systm.h>
#include <netinet/in_system.h>
#include <netdb.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <arpa/inet.h>
#include <netinet/ip.h>
#include <utime.h>

#include <pwd.h>
#include <grp.h>
#include <regex.h>

#ifdef HAVE_PTY_H
#include <pty.h>

#ifdef HAVE_SDL
#include <SDL.h>
#include <SDL_thread.h>
#include <SDL_endian.h>

#include <png.h>

#include <sys/soundcard.h>

#include <stdint.h>

#include <inttypes.h>

#include <sndfile.h>

# include <linux/ppdev.h>
# include <linux/parport.h>

#ifdef HAVE_ALSA
#include <alsa/asoundlib.h>

#include <iconv.h> /* mandatory */

#ifndef HAVE_UINT32_T
#if SIZEOF_CHAR == 4
typedef unsigned char uint32_t;
#elif SIZEOF_SHORT == 4
typedef unsigned short uint32_t;
#elif SIZEOF_INT == 4
typedef unsigned int uint32_t;
#elif SIZEOF_LONG == 4
typedef unsigned long uint32_t;
#elif defined(HAVE_LONG_LONG) && SIZEOF_LONG_LONG == 4
typedef unsigned long long uint32_t;
#error You have no 32-bit integer type. Get in touch with reality.

#define longlong long long
#define longlong long

/* integer type same size as void *   */
#undef vint
typedef short vint;
typedef int vint;
typedef long vint;
typedef long long vint;
#error You have no integer type of size void *

#include <termios.h>

#include <getopt.h>

#ifdef __CYGWIN__
#include <windows.h>

#include <ftdi.h>

#include "setup.h"
#include "interfaces.h"
#include "iarray.h"

#define DUMMY ((void *)-1L)

/* for BSD */


typedef unsigned int __socklen_t;
typedef __socklen_t socklen_t;
#define __socklen_t_defined

int fileno(FILE *stream);

struct menu_item;
struct qso;
struct tmpqso;
struct cwdaemon;
struct cq;
struct itrm;
struct refresh;
struct net;
struct conn;
struct gpm_mouse_spec;
struct rotar;
struct sconn;
struct ssbd;
struct subwin;

union cba_t{
    char *charp;
    void *void_;
    int int_;
    struct menu_item *menu_item;
    struct qso *qso;
    struct tmpqso *tmpqso;
    struct cwdaemon *cwda;
    struct cq *cq;
    struct itrm *itrm;
    struct refresh *refresh;
    struct net *net;
    struct conn *conn;
    struct gpm_mouse_spec *gpm_mouse_spec;
    struct rotar *rotar;
    struct sconn *sconn;
    struct ssbd *ssbd;
    struct subwin *subwin;

#define CBA0 ((union cba_t)0)

#define LOCK(x) g_mutex_lock(x##_mutex)
#define UNLOCK(x) g_mutex_unlock(x##_mutex)

/*#define LOCK(x)    dbg("   lock %p %s:%d\n", x##_mutex, __FILE__, __LINE__); g_mutex_lock(x##_mutex)
#define UNLOCK(x)  dbg(" unlock %p %s:%d\n", x##_mutex, __FILE__, __LINE__); g_mutex_unlock(x##_mutex)
/* error.c */

extern int debug_type;
extern char *debug_filename;

void do_not_optimize_here(void *p);
void check_memory_leaks(void);
void error(char *, ...);
void debug_msg(char *, ...);
void int_error( char *, ...);

void init_debug(void);
void free_debug(void);
void dbg(char *m, ...);
void dbg_bcast(char *m, ...);
void dbg_sock(char *m, ...);
void dbg_recv(char *m, ...);
void dbg_send(char *m, ...);
void dbg_qsos(char *m, ...);

void sock_debug(int sock, char *m, ...);
void dbg_str_hash(GHashTable *hash);
extern int errline;
extern char *errfile;

#define internal errfile = __FILE__, errline = __LINE__, int_error
#define debug errfile = __FILE__, errline = __LINE__, debug_msg


void *sp_malloc(size_t);
void sp_free(void *);
void *sp_realloc(void *, size_t);

#define xmalloc sp_malloc
#define xfree sp_free
#define xrealloc sp_realloc

#else  */

#define xmalloc malloc
#define xfree free
#define xrealloc realloc



extern long mem_amount;
extern long last_mem_amount;

struct alloc_header {
    int size;
struct alloc_header {
    struct alloc_header *next;
    struct alloc_header *prev;
    int size;
    int line;
    char *file;
    char *comment;

#define L_D_S ((sizeof(struct alloc_header) + 7) & ~7)



void *debug_mem_alloc(char *, int, size_t);
void debug_mem_free(char *, int, void *);
void *debug_mem_realloc(char *, int, void *, size_t);
void set_mem_comment(void *, char *, int);
void *debug_g_new0(char *, int, size_t);
void *debug_g_new(char *, int, size_t);
gchar *debug_g_strdup(char *, int, const gchar *);
gchar *debug_g_strndup(char *, int, gchar *, gint);
gchar *debug_g_strdup_printf(char *, int, gchar *, ...);
gchar *debug_g_strdup_vprintf(char *, int, gchar *, va_list args);
gchar *debug_g_strconcat(char *, int, ...);

#define mem_alloc(x) debug_mem_alloc(__FILE__, __LINE__, x)
#define mem_free(x) debug_mem_free(__FILE__, __LINE__, x)
#define mem_realloc(x, y) debug_mem_realloc(__FILE__, __LINE__, x, y)
#undef g_new0
#define g_new0(x, y) debug_g_new0(__FILE__, __LINE__, sizeof(x)* y)        
#undef g_new
#define g_new(x, y) debug_g_new0(__FILE__, __LINE__, sizeof(x)* y)        
#define g_free(x) debug_mem_free(__FILE__, __LINE__, x)
#define g_realloc(x, y) debug_mem_realloc(__FILE__, __LINE__, x, y)
#define g_strdup(x) debug_g_strdup(__FILE__, __LINE__, x) 
#define g_strndup(x,y) debug_g_strndup(__FILE__, __LINE__, x, y) 
#define g_strdup_printf(x...) debug_g_strdup_printf(__FILE__, __LINE__, x) 
#define g_strdup_vprintf(x, y) debug_g_strdup_vprintf(__FILE__, __LINE__, x, y) 
#define g_strconcat(x...) debug_g_strconcat(__FILE__, __LINE__, x) 


static inline void *mem_alloc(size_t size)
    void *p;
    if (!size) return DUMMY;
    if (!(p = malloc(size))) {
        error("ERROR: out of memory (malloc returned NULL)\n");
        return NULL;
    return p;

static inline void mem_free(void *p)
    if (p == DUMMY) return;
    if (!p) {

static inline void *mem_realloc(void *p, size_t size)
    if (p == DUMMY) return mem_alloc(size);
    if (!p) {
        internal("mem_realloc(NULL, %d)", size);
        return NULL;
    if (!size) {
        return DUMMY;
    if (!(p = realloc(p, size))) {
        error("ERROR: out of memory (realloc returned NULL)\n");
        return NULL;
    return p;

static inline void *debug_mem_alloc(char *f, int l, size_t s) { return mem_alloc(s); }
static inline void debug_mem_free(char *f, int l, void *p) { mem_free(p); }
static inline void *debug_mem_realloc(char *f, int l, void *p, size_t s) { return mem_realloc(p, s); }
static inline void set_mem_comment(void *p, char *c, int l) {}


static inline char upcase(char a)
    if (a>='a' && a<='z') a -= 0x20;
    return a;

static inline char lowcase(char a)
    if (a>='A' && a<='Z') a += 0x20;
    return a;

static inline char *lc(char *str){
    char *c;
    if (!str) return str;
    while (*c!='\0'){
        if (*c>='A' && *c<='Z') *c+=0x20;
    return str;

static inline char *uc(char *str){
    char *c;
    if (!str) return str;
    while (*c!='\0'){
        if (*c>='a' && *c<='z') *c-=0x20;
    return str;

static inline char *fixsemi(char *str){
    char *c;
    if (!str) return str;
    while (*c!='\0'){
        if (*c==';') *c=':';
    return str;

/*static inline int cmpbeg(char *str, char *b)
    while (*str && upcase(*str) == upcase(*b)) str++, b++;
    return !!*b;
} */

#if !(defined(LEAK_DEBUG) && defined(LEAK_DEBUG_LIST))

static inline char *memacpy(const char *src, int len)
    char *m;
    if ((m = mem_alloc(len + 1))) {
        memcpy(m, src, len);
        m[len] = 0;
    return m;

static inline char *stracpy(const char *src)
    return src ? memacpy(src, src != DUMMY ? strlen(src) : 0) : NULL;


static inline char *debug_memacpy(char *f, int l, char *src, int len)
    char *m;
    if ((m = debug_mem_alloc(f, l, len + 1))) {
        memcpy(m, src, len);
        m[len] = 0;
    return m;

#define memacpy(s, l) debug_memacpy(__FILE__, __LINE__, s, l)

static inline char *debug_stracpy(char *f, int l, char *src)
    return src ? debug_memacpy(f, l, src, src != DUMMY ? strlen((char*)src) : 0) : NULL;

#define stracpy(s) debug_stracpy(__FILE__, __LINE__, s)

static inline int snprint(char *s, int n, unsigned num)
    int q = 1;
    while (q <= num / 10) q *= 10;
    while (n-- > 1 && q) *(s++) = num / q + '0', num %= q, q /= 10;
    *s = 0;
    return !!q;

static inline int snzprint(char *s, int n, int num)
    if (n > 1 && num < 0) *(s++) = '-', num = -num, n--;
    return snprint(s, n, num);

static inline void add_to_strn(char **s, char *a)
    char *p;
    if (!(p = mem_realloc(*s, strlen(*s) + strlen(a) + 1))) return;
    strcat(p, a);
    *s = p;

#define ALLOC_GR    0x100       /* must be power of 2 */

#define init_str() init_str_x(__FILE__, __LINE__)

static inline char *init_str_x(char *file, int line)
    char *p;
    if ((p = debug_mem_alloc(file, line, ALLOC_GR))) *p = 0;
    return p;

static inline void add_to_str(char **s, int *l, char *a)
    char *p;
    int ll = strlen(a);
    if ((*l & ~(ALLOC_GR - 1)) != ((*l + ll) & ~(ALLOC_GR - 1)) &&
       (!(p = mem_realloc(*s, (*l + ll + ALLOC_GR) & ~(ALLOC_GR - 1))) ||
       !(*s = p))) return;
    strcpy(*s + *l, a); *l += ll;

/*static inline void add_bytes_to_str(char **s, int *l, char *a, int ll)
    char *p;
    if ((*l & ~(ALLOC_GR - 1)) != ((*l + ll) & ~(ALLOC_GR - 1)) &&
       (!(p = mem_realloc(*s, (*l + ll + ALLOC_GR) & ~(ALLOC_GR - 1))) ||
       !(*s = p))) return;
    memcpy(*s + *l, a, ll); (*s)[*l += ll] = 0;
} */

static inline void add_chr_to_str(char **s, int *l, char a)
    char *p;
    if ((*l & (ALLOC_GR - 1)) == ALLOC_GR - 1 &&
       (!(p = mem_realloc(*s, (*l + 1 + ALLOC_GR) & ~(ALLOC_GR - 1))) ||
       !(*s = p))) return;
    *(*s + *l) = a; *(*s + ++(*l)) = 0;

static inline void add_num_to_str(char **s, int *l, int n)
    char a[64];
    snzprint(a, 64, n);
    add_to_str(s, l, a);

/*static inline void add_knum_to_str(char **s, int *l, int n)
    char a[13];
    if (n && n / (1024 * 1024) * (1024 * 1024) == n) snzprint(a, 12, n / (1024 * 1024)), strcat(a, "M");
    else if (n && n / 1024 * 1024 == n) snzprint(a, 12, n / 1024), strcat(a, "k");
    else snzprint(a, 13, n);
    add_to_str(s, l, a);
}  */

/*static inline char *copy_string(char **dst, char *src)
    if ((*dst = src) && (*dst = mem_alloc(strlen(src) + 1))) strcpy(*dst, src);
    return *dst;
} */

/* Copies at most dst_size chars into dst. Ensures null termination of dst. */

static inline char *safe_strncpy(char *dst, const char *src, size_t dst_size) {
    strncpy(dst, src, dst_size);
    if (strlen(src) >= dst_size) dst[dst_size - 1] = 0;
    return dst;

static inline char *safe_strncpy0(char *dst, const char *src, size_t dst_size) {
    if (!src) {
        return dst;

    strncpy(dst, src, dst_size);
    if (strlen(src) >= dst_size) dst[dst_size - 1] = 0;
    return dst;

struct list_head {
    void *next;
    void *prev;


struct xlist_head {
    struct xlist_head *next;
    struct xlist_head *prev;


#define init_list(x) {(x).next=&(x); (x).prev=&(x);}
#define list_empty(x) ((x).next == &(x))
#define del_from_list(x) {((struct list_head *)(x)->next)->prev=(x)->prev; ((struct list_head *)(x)->prev)->next=(x)->next;}
#define add_at_pos(p,x) do {(x)->next=(p)->next; (x)->prev=(p); (p)->next=(x); (x)->next->prev=(x);} while(0)

#define add_to_list(l,x) add_at_pos((typeof(x))&(l),(x))
#define foreach(e,l) for ((e)=(l).next; (e)!=(typeof(e))&(l); (e)=(e)->next)
#define foreachback(e,l) for ((e)=(l).prev; (e)!=(typeof(e))&(l); (e)=(e)->prev)
#define add_to_list(l,x) add_at_pos((struct xlist_head *)&(l),(struct xlist_head *)(x))
#define foreach(e,l) for ((e)=(l).next; (e)!=(void *)&(l); (e)=(e)->next)
#define foreachback(e,l) for ((e)=(l).prev; (e)!=(void *)&(l); (e)=(e)->prev)
#define free_list(l) {while ((l).next != &(l)) {struct list_head *a=(l).next; del_from_list(a); mem_free(a); }}

/*static inline int isA(char c)
    return (c >= 'A' && c <= 'Z') || (c >= 'a' && c <= 'z') || (c >= '0' && c <= '9') ||
            c == '_' || c == '-';
} */

static inline int casecmp(char *c1, char *c2, int len)
    int i;
    for (i = 0; i < len; i++) if (upcase(c1[i]) != upcase(c2[i])) return 1;
    return 0;

static inline int can_write(int fd)
    fd_set fds;
    struct timeval tv = {0, 0};
    FD_SET(fd, &fds);
    return select(fd + 1, NULL, &fds, NULL, &tv);

static inline int can_read(int fd)
    fd_set fds;
    struct timeval tv = {0, 0};
    FD_SET(fd, &fds);
    return select(fd + 1, &fds, NULL, NULL, &tv);

/* os_dep.c */

struct terminal;

struct open_in_new {
     char *text;
     char *hk;
    void (*fn)(struct terminal *term,  char *,  char *);

int get_system_env(void);
int is_xterm(void);
int can_twterm(void);
int term_get_terminal_size(int, int *, int *);
void handle_terminal_resize(int, void (*)(union cba_t));
void unhandle_terminal_resize(int);
void set_bin(int);
int c_pipe(int *);
int get_input_handle(void);
int get_output_handle(void);
int get_ctl_handle(void);
void want_draw(void);
void done_draw(void);
void terminate_osdep(void);
void *handle_mouse(int, void (*)(void *,  char *, int), void *);
void unhandle_mouse(void *);
int check_file_name( char *);
int start_thread(void (*)(void *, int), void *, int);
char *get_clipboard_text(void);
void set_clipboard_text(char *);
void set_window_title( char *);
char *get_window_title(void);
int is_safe_in_shell( char);
void check_shell_security( char **);
void block_stdin(void);
void unblock_stdin(void);
int exe(char *);
int resize_window(int, int);
int can_resize_window(int);
int can_open_os_shell(int);
struct open_in_new *get_open_in_new(int);
void disable_screensaver(void);

/* ghash.c */

typedef struct _THashNode      THashNode;
typedef struct _THashTable     THashTable;

struct _THashNode
  gpointer key;
  gpointer value;
  THashNode *next;

struct _THashTable
  gint size;
  gint nnodes;
  guint frozen;
  THashNode **nodes;
  GHashFunc hash_func;
  GCompareFunc key_compare_func;

THashTable *t_hash_table_new (GHashFunc hash_func, GCompareFunc key_compare_func);
void t_hash_table_destroy (THashTable *hash_table);
void t_hash_table_foreach (THashTable *hash_table, GHFunc func, gpointer user_data);
void t_hash_table_insert (THashTable *hash_table, gpointer key, gpointer value);
void t_hash_table_remove (THashTable *hash_table, gconstpointer key);
gpointer t_hash_table_lookup (THashTable *hash_table, gconstpointer key);
gboolean t_hash_table_lookup_extended (THashTable *hash_table, gconstpointer lookup_key, gpointer *orig_key, gpointer *value);
guint t_hash_table_foreach_remove (THashTable *hash_table, GHRFunc func, gpointer user_data);
guint t_hash_table_size (THashTable *hash_table);

/* select.c */

#ifndef FD_SETSIZE
#define FD_SETSIZE 1024

typedef long ttime;
typedef unsigned tcount;

extern int terminate;

/*long select_info(int);*/
void select_loop(void (*)(void));
int register_bottom_half(void (*)(union cba_t), union cba_t cba);
void check_bottom_halves(void);
int debug_install_timer(char *file, int line, ttime, void (*)(union cba_t), union cba_t cba); /* todo argument callbacku */
#define install_timer(x, y, z) debug_install_timer(__FILE__, __LINE__, x, y, z)
void debug_kill_timer(char *file, int line, int timer_id);
#define kill_timer(x) debug_kill_timer(__FILE__, __LINE__, x)
void debug_set_handlers(char *file, int line, int, void (*)(union cba_t), void (*)(union cba_t), void (*)(union cba_t), union cba_t cba);
#define set_handlers(n, r, w, x, a) debug_set_handlers(__FILE__, __LINE__, n, r, w, x, a);
int install_timer(ttime, void (*)(union cba_t), union cba_t cba); /* todo argument callbacku */
void kill_timer(int);
void set_handlers(int, void (*)(union cba_t), void (*)(union cba_t), void (*)(union cba_t), union cba_t cba);
ttime get_timer_time(int);
ttime get_time(void);

#define H_READ  0
#define H_WRITE 1
#define H_ERROR 2
#define H_DATA  3

void *get_handler(int, int);
void install_signal_handler(int, void (*)(union cba_t), union cba_t, int);
void set_sigcld(void);

extern struct timeval start;
#define ST_START gettimeofday(&start, NULL)
#define ST_STOP {\
    struct timeval stop;\
    int sec, usec;\
    gettimeofday(&stop, NULL);\
    if (usec<0){usec+=1000000;sec--;}\
    dbg("stopky: %s: %d.%06d \n", __FUNCTION__, sec,usec);\

/* kbd.c */

#define BM_BUTT     3
#define BM_EBUTT    7
#define B_LEFT      1
#define B_MIDDLE    2
#define B_RIGHT     3
#define B_WHUP      4
#define B_WHDOWN    5
#define BM_ACT      0x38
#define B_DOWN      0
#define B_UP        8
#define B_DRAG      0x10
#define B_MOVE      0x20

#define KBD_ENTER   0x100
#define KBD_BS      0x101
#define KBD_TAB     0x102
#define KBD_ESC     0x103
#define KBD_LEFT    0x104
#define KBD_RIGHT   0x105
#define KBD_UP      0x106
#define KBD_DOWN    0x107
#define KBD_INS     0x108
#define KBD_DEL     0x109
#define KBD_HOME    0x10a
#define KBD_END     0x10b
#define KBD_PGUP    0x10c
#define KBD_PGDN    0x10d

#define KBD_F1      0x120
#define KBD_F2      0x121
#define KBD_F3      0x122
#define KBD_F4      0x123
#define KBD_F5      0x124
#define KBD_F6      0x125
#define KBD_F7      0x126
#define KBD_F8      0x127
#define KBD_F9      0x128
#define KBD_F10     0x129
#define KBD_F11     0x12a
#define KBD_F12     0x12b

#define KBD_CTRL_C  0x200

#define KBD_SHIFT   1
#define KBD_CTRL    2
#define KBD_ALT     4

void handle_trm(int, int, int, int, int);
void free_all_itrms(void);
void resize_terminal(union cba_t);
void dispatch_special( char *);
void kbd_ctrl_c(void);
int is_blocked(void);
void itrm_safe_abort(void);

/* terminal.c */

/* UTF-8 */
typedef uint32_t unicode_val;
/* UCS/Unicode replacement character. */
#define UCS_NO_CHAR ((unicode_val) 0xFFFD)

typedef unsigned short chr;

struct event {
    long ev;
    long x;
    long y;
    long b;
    long mx;
    long my;

#define EV_INIT         0
#define EV_KBD          1
#define EV_MOUSE        2
#define EV_REDRAW       3
#define EV_RESIZE       4
#define EV_ABORT        5
#define EV_SDLRESIZE    6
#define EV_SKIP         7

struct window {
    struct window *next;
    struct window *prev;
    void (*handler)(struct window *, struct event *, int fwd);
    void *data;
    int xp, yp;
    struct terminal *term;

#define MAX_TERM_LEN    16  /* this must be multiple of 8! (alignment problems) */

#define MAX_CWD_LEN 8192    /* this must be multiple of 8! (alignment problems) */  

#define ENV_XWIN    1
#define ENV_SCREEN  2
#define ENV_OS2VIO  4
#define ENV_BE      8
#define ENV_TWIN    16

struct terminal {
    int master;
    int fdin;
    int fdout;
    int x;
    int y;
    int environment;
    char term[MAX_TERM_LEN];
    char cwd[MAX_CWD_LEN];
    unsigned *screen;
    unsigned *last_screen;
    struct term_spec *spec;
    int cx;
    int cy;
    int lcx;
    int lcy;
    int dirty;
    int redrawing;
    int blocked;
    char *input_queue;
    int qlen;
    struct list_head windows;
     char *title;
    /* Something weird regarding the UTF8 I/O. */
    struct {
        unicode_val ucs;
        int len;
        int min;
    } utf_8;

extern struct terminal *term;

struct term_spec {
    struct term_spec *next;
    struct term_spec *prev;
    char term[MAX_TERM_LEN];
    int mode;
    int m11_hack;
    int restrict_852;
    int block_cursor;
    int col;
    int utf_8_io;
    int charset;

#define TERM_DUMB   0
#define TERM_VT100  1
#define TERM_LINUX  2
#define TERM_KOI8   3

#define ATTR_FRAME  0x8000

extern struct list_head term_specs;

int hard_write(int, char *, int);
int hard_read(int, char *, int);
char *get_cwd(void);
void set_cwd(char *);
struct terminal *init_term(int, int, void (*)(struct window *, struct event *, int));
void sync_term_specs(void);
struct term_spec *new_term_spec(char *);
void free_term_specs(void);
void destroy_terminal(union cba_t);
void redraw_terminal(union cba_t);
void redraw_terminal_all(void);
void redraw_terminal_cls(void);
void redraw_later(void);
/*void cls_redraw_all_terminals(void);*/
void redraw_from_window(struct window *);
void redraw_below_window(struct window *);
void add_window(void (*)(struct window *, struct event *, int), void *);
void add_window_at_pos(void (*)(struct window *, struct event *, int), void *, struct window *);
void delete_window(struct window *);
void delete_window_ev(struct window *, struct event *ev);
void set_window_ptr(struct window *, int, int);
void get_parent_ptr(struct window *, int *, int *);
struct window *get_root_window(void);
/*void add_empty_window(void (*)(void *), void *);*/
void term_redraw_screen(void);
/*void redraw_all_terminals(void);*/
void set_char(int, int, unsigned);
unsigned get_char(int, int);
void set_color(int, int, unsigned);
void set_only_char(int, int, unsigned);
void set_line(int, int, int, chr *);
void set_line_color(int, int, int, unsigned);
void fill_area(int, int, int, int, unsigned);
void fill_lastarea(int x, int y, int xw, int yw, unsigned c);
void draw_frame(int, int, int, int, unsigned, int);
void print_text(int, int, int, char *, unsigned); /* todo, ale asi nikoli jen smazat term */
void set_cursor(int, int, int, int);
/*void destroy_all_terminals(void);*/
void block_itrm(int);
int unblock_itrm(int);
void exec_thread(char *, int);
void close_handle(union cba_t cba);
void set_ctest_title(void);

#define TERM_FN_TITLE   1
#define TERM_FN_RESIZE  2

void exec_on_terminal(char *, char *, int);
void set_terminal_title(char *);
void do_terminal_function(char, char *);

#define FRAME_URDL 0x80c5
#define FRAME_UDL  0x80b4
#define FRAME_URD  0x80c3
#define FRAME_URL  0x80c1
#define FRAME_RDL  0x80c2

/* language.c */

#include "language.h"

extern char dummyarray[];

extern int current_language;

void init_trans(void);
void shutdown_trans(void);
char *get_text_translation(char *);
char *get_english_translation(char *);
void set_language(int);
int n_languages(void);
char *language_name(int);

#define _(_x_) get_text_translation(_x_)
#define CTEXT(x) (dummyarray + x)
#define VTEXT(_x_) get_text_translation(CTEXT(_x_))

/* main.c */

#define RET_OK      0
#define RET_ERROR   1
#define RET_SIGNAL  2
#define RET_SYNTAX  3
#define RET_FATAL   4

extern int retval;
extern int first_use;
extern int first_contest_def;

extern char *path_to_exe;

void unhandle_terminal_signals(void);
void unhandle_basic_signals(void);
int term_attach_terminal(int, int, int);
void shrink_memory(int);
void handle_basic_signals(struct terminal *term);
void sig_segv(union cba_t cba);

/* types.c */

/* session.c */

#define TMPQ aband->tmpqsos[0]

struct inputln;
struct rotar;
struct band; 

/* also used for ctest->cq->type */
enum modes{ /* TX_RX */
    MOD_NONE = 0,
    MOD_ATV_ATV /* 9 */

struct session {
    struct window *win;
    int id;
    int exit_query;
    GPtrArray *subwins; 
    struct subwin *ontop;
    gint focused;
    gint timer_id;
    struct inputln *il;  /* inputline without contest for C_W testing ETC.. */
    GPtrArray *qs;
    GMutex *qs_mutex;
    GThread *qs_thread;
    int qs_thread_break;
    int qs_max_matches;
    gchar *qs_str;     /* modified only from main thread without cwqs worker thread, no mutex needed */
    enum modes mode;  
    gint last_cq_timer_id;
    struct cq *last_cq;
    int tx;
#ifdef HAVE_SDL    
    SDL_Surface *icon, *oldicon;
    void *icon, *oldicon;
    GHashTable *hicalls; /* highlighted callsigns in shell */
    int tune;

extern struct session *gses;

struct session *create_session(struct window *win);
void *create_session_info(int, char *, int *);
void rxtx(void);
void esc(void);
void rx(void);
int preferred_func(struct event *ev);
void win_func(struct window *, struct event *, int);

void draw_root_window(void);
void send_event(struct event *ev);
void add_date_time(struct band *band);
void fix_date_time(struct band *band);
void process_input(void *,char *);
void draw_time(void);
void time_func(union cba_t);
void print_tucnak(int x, int y);
void timer_redraw(union cba_t);

/* bfu.c */

struct memory_list {
    int n;
    void *p[1];

struct memory_list *getml(void *, ...);
void add_to_ml(struct memory_list **, ...);
void freeml(struct memory_list *);

#define MENU_FUNC (void (*)(union cba_t, union cba_t))

extern char m_bar;

#define M_BAR   (&m_bar)

struct menu_item {
    char *text;
    char *rtext;
    char *hotkey;
    void (*func)(union cba_t, union cba_t);
    union cba_t data;
    int in_m; /* 0 menu zmizi po vyberu */
    int free_i;

struct menu {
    int selected;
    int view;
    int xp, yp;
    int x, y, xw, yw;
    int ni;
    union cba_t data;
    struct window *win;
    struct menu_item *items;

struct mainmenu {
    int selected;
    int sp;
    int ni;
    union cba_t data;
    struct window *win;
    struct menu_item *items;

struct history_item {
    struct history_item *next;
    struct history_item *prev;
    char d[1];

struct history {
    int n;
    struct list_head items;

#define D_END       0
#define D_CHECKBOX  1
#define D_FIELD     2
#define D_FIELD_PASS    3
#define D_BUTTON    4
#define D_BOX       5

#define B_ENTER     1
#define B_ESC       2

struct dialog_item_data;
struct dialog_data;

struct dialog_item {
    int type;
    int gid, gnum; /* for buttons: gid - flags B_XXX */ /* for fields: min/max */ /* for box: gid is box height */
    int (*fn)(struct dialog_data *, struct dialog_item_data *);
    struct history *history;
    int dlen;           /* data length */
    int maxl;
    char *data;
    void *udata;        /* for box: holds list */
    char *text;

struct dialog_item_data {
    int x, y, l;
    int vpos, cpos;
    int checked;
    struct dialog_item *item;
    struct list_head history;
    struct history_item *cur_hist;
    char *cdata;

#define EVENT_PROCESSED     0

struct dialog {
    char *title;
    void (*fn)(struct dialog_data *);
    int (*handle_event)(struct dialog_data *, struct event *);
    void (*abort)(struct dialog_data *);
    void *udata;
    void *udata2;
    int align;
    void (*refresh)(void *);
    void *refresh_data;
    struct dialog_item items[1];

struct dialog_data {
    struct window *win;
    struct dialog *dlg;
    int x, y, xw, yw;
    int n;
    int selected;
    struct memory_list *ml;
    struct dialog_item_data items[1];

void menu_func(struct window *, struct event *, int);
void mainmenu_func(struct window *, struct event *, int);
void dialog_func(struct window *, struct event *, int);

struct menu_item *new_menu(int);
void add_to_menu(struct menu_item **, char *, char *, char *, void (*)(union cba_t, union cba_t), union cba_t, int);
void do_menu(struct menu_item *items, union cba_t data); /* todo data=ses */
void do_menu_selected(struct menu_item *, union cba_t data, int);
void do_mainmenu(struct menu_item *, union cba_t, int);
void do_dialog(struct dialog *, struct memory_list *);
int check_number(struct dialog_data *, struct dialog_item_data *);
int check_nonempty(struct dialog_data *, struct dialog_item_data *);
void max_text_width(struct terminal *, char *, int *);
void min_text_width(struct terminal *, char *, int *);
void dlg_format_text(struct terminal *, struct terminal *, char *, int, int *, int, int *, int, int);
void max_buttons_width(struct terminal *, struct dialog_item_data *, int, int *);
void min_buttons_width(struct terminal *, struct dialog_item_data *, int, int *);
void dlg_format_buttons(struct terminal *, struct terminal *, struct dialog_item_data *, int, int, int *, int, int *, int);
void dlg_format_buttons1(struct terminal *, struct terminal *, struct dialog_item_data *, int, int, int *, int, int *, int);
void checkboxes_width(struct terminal *, char **, int *, void (*)(struct terminal *, char *, int *));
void dlg_format_checkbox(struct terminal *, struct terminal *, struct dialog_item_data *, int, int *, int, int *, char *);
void dlg_format_checkboxes(struct terminal *, struct terminal *, struct dialog_item_data *, int, int, int *, int, int *, char **);
void dlg_format_field(struct terminal *, struct terminal *, struct dialog_item_data *, int, int *, int, int *, int);
void max_group_width(struct terminal *, char **, struct dialog_item_data *, int, int *);
void min_group_width(struct terminal *, char **, struct dialog_item_data *, int, int *);
void dlg_format_group(struct terminal *, struct terminal *, char **, struct dialog_item_data *, int, int, int *, int, int *);
void dlg_format_group1(struct terminal *, struct terminal *, char **, struct dialog_item_data *, int, int, int *, int, int *);
void dlg_format_box(struct terminal *, struct terminal *, struct dialog_item_data *, int, int *, int, int *, int);
void checkbox_list_fn(struct dialog_data *);
void group_fn(struct dialog_data *);
void center_dlg(struct dialog_data *);
void draw_dlg(struct dialog_data *);
void display_dlg_item(struct dialog_data *, struct dialog_item_data *, int);
int ok_dialog(struct dialog_data *, struct dialog_item_data *);
int cancel_dialog(struct dialog_data *, struct dialog_item_data *);
void msg_box(struct memory_list *, char *, int, ...);
void input_field_fn(struct dialog_data *);
void input_field(struct memory_list *, char *, char *, char *, char *, void *,struct history *, int, char *, int, int, int (*)(struct dialog_data *, struct dialog_item_data *), void (*)(void *, char *), void (*)(void *));
void add_to_history(struct history *, char *);

void box_sel_move(struct dialog_item_data *, int ); 
void show_dlg_item_box(struct dialog_data *, struct dialog_item_data *);
void box_sel_set_visible(struct dialog_item_data *, int ); 
void errbox(char *text, int errcode, ...); 
void menu_save_rc(union cba_t cba);

/* menu.c */

#define CONDGFREE(item) { if (item) { g_free(item); item=NULL; }}

#define STORE_STR(base,item) \
    if (base->item) g_free(base->item); \
    base->item = g_strdup(item); 
#define STORE_STR_UC(base,item) \
    if (base->item) g_free(base->item); \
    base->item = g_strdup(item); \

#define STORE_STR_FS(base,item) \
    if (base->item) g_free(base->item); \
    base->item = g_strdup(item); \
#define STORE_STR_FS_UC(base,item) \
    if (base->item) g_free(base->item); \
    base->item = g_strdup(item); \
    fixsemi(base->item); \

#define STORE_STR2(dbase,sbase,item) \
    if (dbase->item) g_free(dbase->item); \
    dbase->item = g_strdup(sbase->item); 

#define STORE_STR2_UC(dbase,sbase,item) \
    if (dbase->item) g_free(dbase->item); \
    dbase->item = g_strdup(sbase->item); \

#define STORE_INT(base, item) \
    base->item = item; 

#define STORE_SINT(base, item) \
    base->item = atoi(item##_str); 

#define EQSO_LEN 15

struct qso;
struct tmpqso;
void activate_bfu_technology(int);
void free_history_lists(void);
void exit_prog(union cba_t cba);
void menu_play_last(union cba_t cba);
void menu_break_record(union cba_t cba);
void menu_export_edi(union cba_t cba);
void menu_export_report(union cba_t cba);
void menu_export_html(union cba_t cba);
void menu_export_stats(union cba_t cba);
void menu_export_titlpage(union cba_t cba);
void menu_save_all(union cba_t cba);
void do_edit_menu(union cba_t cba);
void menu_contest_open(union cba_t cba);
void free_namelist(void);
void do_peer_menu( void (* func)(union cba_t cba));
void do_peer_operators_menu(void (* func)(union cba_t cba));
void menu_load_from_peer(union cba_t cba);
void menu_set_language(union cba_t cba);

/* menu1.c */
void band_settings(union cba_t cba, int from_ctest);
void menu_wizz(union cba_t cba);
int save_desc_to_file(gchar *filename);
void contest_options1(char *title, int from_ctest);
void contest_options1_from_menu(union cba_t cba);
void contest_options1_from_ctest(union cba_t cba);
void contest_def(union cba_t cba);
void edi_prop(union cba_t cba);
int dlg_edi_prop(struct dialog_data *dlg, struct dialog_item_data *di);
void menu_responsible_op(union cba_t cba);

/* menu2.c */
void edit_qso(struct qso *qso);
void sked_from_tmpqso(struct tmpqso *qso);
void sked_from_qso(struct qso *qso);
int dlg_pband(struct dialog_data *dlg, struct dialog_item_data *di);

/* menu3.c */
void duplicate_callsign(struct qso *qso);
void menu_add_error(union cba_t cba);
void menu_chop(union cba_t cba);
void menu_skedqrg(union cba_t cba);
void menu_fillop(union cba_t cba);
void menu_recalc_qrb(union cba_t cba);
void menu_cw_update_contest(union cba_t cba);
void menu_cw_update_band(union cba_t cba);
void menu_import_ebw(union cba_t cba);
void menu_autosave(union cba_t cba);
void menu_add_subwin(union cba_t cba);
void menu_close_subwin(union cba_t cba);
void menu_unfinished(union cba_t cba);

/* menu4.c */
void menu_cq_cw(union cba_t cba);
void menu_cq_ssb(union cba_t cba);
void menu_cwda(union cba_t cba);
void menu_ssbd(union cba_t cba);
void menu_network(union cba_t cba);

/* menu5.c */
void misc_opts(union cba_t cba);

/* charsets.c */

#include "codepage.h"

struct conv_table {
    int t;
    union {
        char *str;
        struct conv_table *tbl;
    } u;

/*struct conv_table *get_translation_table(int, int);*/
int get_cp_index(char *n);
char *get_cp_name(int);
/*char *get_cp_mime_name(int);*/
int is_cp_special(int);
void free_conv_table(void);
char *cp2utf_8(int, int);
char *u2cp(unicode_val, int);

#define AL_LEFT     0
#define AL_CENTER   1

#define AL_MASK     0x7f

#define AL_EXTD_TEXT    0x80
    /* DIRTY! for backward compatibility with old menu code */

/* default.c */

#define MAX_STR_LEN 1024

/* Stores display information about a box. Kept in cdata. */
struct dlg_data_item_data_box {
    int sel;    /* Item currently selected */   
    int box_top;    /* Index into items of the item that is on the top line of the box */
    struct list_head items; /* The list being displayed */
    int list_len;   /* Number of items in the list */

/* Which fields to free when zapping a box_item. Bitwise or these. */
enum box_item_free {NOTHING = 0, TEXT = 1 , DATA = 2};
/* An item in a box */
struct box_item {
    struct box_item *next;
    struct box_item *prev;
    char *text;    /* Text to display */
    void *data; /* data */
    enum box_item_free free_i;

void show_dlg_item_box(struct dialog_data *, struct dialog_item_data *); 

/* kbdbind.c */

#define KM_MAIN     0
#define KM_EDIT     1
#define KM_MENU     2
#define KM_MAX      3

enum {
/*    ACT_SCROLL_UP,*/
/*    ACT_TX, */

void init_keymaps(void);
void free_keymaps(void);
int kbd_action(int, struct event *);

/* stats.c */

#define QSONR_WIDTH 20
#define QSONR_HEIGHT 7
#define BAND_WIDTH 16
#define ORIG_Y 1

struct cntpts{
      int count;
      int points;
    struct qso *qso; /* used only in st->hours */

struct stats{
    gint first_date, last_date; /* 20021115*/
    gint nqsos, nqsop;  /* without errors and dupes */
    gint nwwlp; 
    gint nexcp; 
    gint ndxcp; 
    gint ntotal;

    gint odxqrb_int;
    gchar *odxcall, *odxwwl, *odxoperator;

    GHashTable *wwls, *dxcs, *excs, *hours; /* of struct cntpts */
    GHashTable *calls;
      int qso_per_hour, pts_per_hour, pts_per_50qso;

struct contest;
struct config_subwin;

char *get_raw_call(char *buf, char *call);
char *get_wwl(char *buf, char *wwl);

void draw_one_bigdigit(int x, int y, int num);
void draw_bigdigit(int x, int y, int num);

struct stats *init_stats(void);
void free_stats(struct stats *st);
void clear_stats(struct stats *st);
void update_stats(struct band *b, struct stats *st, struct qso *q);
void recalc_stats(struct band *b);
void recalc_all_stats(struct contest *ctest);
void recalc_all_qrbqtf(struct contest *ctest);
void redraw_stats(struct band *band);
void recalc_statsfifo(struct band *band);
void export_stats_fifo(void);

void stats_thread_create(struct band *band);
void stats_thread_join(struct band *band);
void stats_thread_kill(struct band *band);

void timer_minute_stats_all(union cba_t cba);
void minute_stats_all(void);
void minute_stats(struct band *band);

/* inputln.c */

struct inputln {
    int (*fn)(struct dialog_data *, struct dialog_item_data *);
    int dlen;           /* data length */
    int x, y, l;
    int vpos, cpos, focused, wasctrlv;
    int upconvert, readonly, allow_ctrlv;
    char *cdata;
    struct terminal *term;
    void *enterdata;
    void (*enter)(void *, gchar *);
    GPtrArray *history;
    int hist_i;
    struct band *band;
    struct subwin *sw;

void il_set_focus(struct inputln *il);
void il_unset_focus(struct inputln *il);
void clear_inputline(struct inputln *il);
int inputln_func(struct inputln *il, struct event *ev);
void il_readonly(struct inputln *il, int ro);
void draw_inputln(struct inputln *il, int sel);

/* rc.c */

struct config_band{
    gchar bandchar; /* 'a' ... */
    gchar *pband;           /* 144 MHz */ 
    gint psect;           /* Single, Multi */
    gint qrv,qrvnow,readonly;
    gchar *stxeq,*spowe;        /* TM-255 + gi7b, 300 */ 
    gchar *srxeq,*sante,*santh; /* TM-255, GW4PTS, 60;800 */
    gchar *mope1,*mope2;    /* OK1XDF, OK1MZM, OK1ZIA */
    gchar *remarks;

       /* a little hack for OK  */
    gchar *ok_section_single;  /* 2m=01, 70cm=03, ... */
    gchar *ok_section_multi;   /* 2m=02, 70cm=04, ... */
    gint qrg_min,qrg_max;      /* kHz */
      gchar *adifband;           /* 2m,70cm,23cm... */  
    gchar *skedqrg;

struct config_rotar;
struct config {   /* depending on callsign */
    gchar *pcall;
    gchar *pwwlo;
    gchar *pexch;

    gchar *padr1,*padr2,*pclub;
    gchar *rname,*rcall,*radr1,*radr2,*rpoco,*rcity,*rcoun,*rphon,*rhbbs;

    gchar *default_rs,*default_rst;
    gint qsop_method, total_method;
    gint as_disk_aq, as_disk_am, as_floppy_aq, as_floppy_am;
    gint as_disk_fsync, as_floppy_fsync, as_mount;
    gchar *as_floppy_path, *as_mount_cmd;

    gchar *net_if_ignore, *net_ip_ignore, *net_ip_announce;
    GPtrArray *bands;
    struct config_band *band;  /* active band during loading config */
    GPtrArray *cqs;            /* of struct cq */
    struct cq *cq;
    struct term_spec *ts;
    GPtrArray *sws;            /* of struct config_subwin */
    struct config_subwin *sw;
    gint cwda_type;  /* enum cwtype */
    gchar *cwda_device, *cwda_hostname;
    gint cwda_udp_port;
    gint cwda_speed, cwda_weight, cwda_spk;
    gint cwda_vid, cwda_pid;
    gint ssbd_type;
    gint ssbd_record, ssbd_maxmin, ssbd_diskfree;
    gint ssbd_format, ssbd_channels, ssbd_samplerate;
    gchar *ssbd_template; 

    gchar *ssbd_pcm_play, *ssbd_pcm_rec;
    gint ssbd_period_time, ssbd_buffer_time;
    gchar *ssbd_alsa_mixer, *ssbd_alsa_src;

    gchar *ssbd_dsp;
    gint ssbd_maxfrag;
    gchar *ssbd_mixer, *ssbd_oss_src;
    gint ssbd_recsrc;

    gchar *ssbd_hostname;
    gint ssbd_udp_port;
    gint trace_bcast, trace_sock, trace_recv, trace_send, trace_qsos;
   /* gint rota_type,rota_port,rota_saddr,rota_timeout_ms;
    gchar *rota_filename,*rota_hostname;
    gint rotb_type,rotb_port,rotb_saddr,rotb_timeout_ms;
    gchar *rotb_filename,*rotb_hostname;*/
    GPtrArray *crotars;  /* of struct config_rotar */
    struct config_rotar *crotar;
    int loglines,skedshift;
    gchar *startband;
    GPtrArray *takeoff; /* of struct takeoff */
    int global_operator;
    gchar *operator;
      int gfx_x, gfx_y;

/*struct wiz_ctest{
    gchar *contestname;
    gint wwltype,wwlused,wwlbonu,wwlmult;
    gint excused,excbonu,excmult;
    gint dxcbonu,dxcmult;
    gint rstused,qsop_method,total_method;

extern struct config *cfg;
extern int opt_g,opt_i, opt_t, debug_keyboard;

gint init_rc(void);
gint free_rc(void);
gint read_rc_line(gchar *str);
gint read_rc_file(gchar *filename, const char *text);
gint read_rc_files(void);
void save_rc_string(GString *gs); 
gint save_rc_file(gchar *filename);
int term_spec_init(void);
char *parse_options(int argc, char **argv);

/* qsodb.c */

#define STORE_HASH_STR(base, item) {\
    if (base->item) g_free(base->item);\
    base->item = g_strdup(g_hash_table_lookup(hash, #item)); \

#define STORE_HASH_INT(base, item) {\
    gchar *c; \
    c = g_hash_table_lookup(hash, #item); \
    if (c) base->item = atoi(c); \
    else base->item = 0; \

#define STORE_HASH_CHR(base, item) {\
    gchar *c;\
    c=(char *)g_hash_table_lookup(hash, #item); \
    if (c) base->item = tolower(*c);\
    else c='\0';\

#define NEW_EXC 1
#define NEW_WWL 2
#define NEW_DXC 4

struct qso{
    gchar *source; /* "" CONSTANT */
    gint  ser_id; /* 0..X in one source  CONSTANT */
    time_t stamp;  /* last modification  VARIABLE */
    gchar *operator;
    gchar *date_str,*time_str;
    gchar *callsign;
    gint  mode;
    gchar *rsts,*rstr;
    gchar *qsonrs,*qsonrr;
    gchar *exc, *locator;
    gchar *remark;
    gint error;
   /* computed*/
    gint dupe,qsop,new,qsl;
    gdouble qrb;
    gint qtf;
    gint susploc; /* 1=warn, 2=err */ 
    gint suspcall; 
    gint unkcall;
    /* "foreign key", don't dealloc! */
    struct band *band;
    int kx,ky;

struct tmpqso{
    gchar *date_str,*time_str;
    gchar *callsign;
    gchar *rsts,*rstr;
    gchar *qsonrs,*qsonrr;
    gchar *exc, *locator;
    gchar *remark;
    gint dupe,qsl;
   /* computed*/
    gdouble qrb;
    gint qtf;
    gchar *name;
   /* ultimate values                     */
    gint ucallsign,udummy,ulocator,uexc;
    int uqrb,uqtf;
   /* suspicious */
    gint suspcallsign, susplocator, suspexc, unkcall;

#define ADD_TMPQSO_STRING(band,item,str,isu,uitem) {\
    int i; \
    if (band->tmpqsos[TMP_QSOS-1].item) { \
        g_free(band->tmpqsos[TMP_QSOS-1].item); \
        band->tmpqsos[TMP_QSOS-1].item = NULL; \
    for (i=TMP_QSOS-2;i>=0;i--) {\
        band->tmpqsos[i+1].item=band->tmpqsos[i].item; \
        band->tmpqsos[i+1].uitem=band->tmpqsos[i].uitem; \
    band->tmpqsos[0].item=g_strdup(str); \
    band->tmpqsos[0].uitem = isu; \

#define CLEAR_TMPQSO_STRING(band,item) {\
    if (band->tmpqsos[i].item) { \
        g_free(band->tmpqsos[i].item); \
    } \

#define CLEAR_TMPQSO_STRING_UU(band,item, uitem){ \
    int i; \
    for (i=0;i<TMP_QSOS;i++) {\
        if (!band->tmpqsos[i].uitem && band->tmpqsos[i].item) {\
            g_free(band->tmpqsos[i].item); \
#define ADD_TMPQSO_GINT(band,item,num,isu,uitem) {\
    int i; \
    for (i=TMP_QSOS-2;i>=0;i--) {\
        band->tmpqsos[i+1].item=band->tmpqsos[i].item; \
        band->tmpqsos[i+1].uitem=band->tmpqsos[i].uitem; \
    band->tmpqsos[0].item=num; \
    band->tmpqsos[0].uitem = isu; \

#define ADD_TMPQSO_GDOUBLE(band,item,num,isu,uitem) {\
    int i; \
    for (i=TMP_QSOS-2;i>=0;i--) {\
        band->tmpqsos[i+1].item=band->tmpqsos[i].item; \
        band->tmpqsos[i+1].uitem=band->tmpqsos[i].uitem; \
    band->tmpqsos[0].item=num; \
    band->tmpqsos[0].uitem = isu; \

#define CLEAR_TMPQSO_GINT(band,item) \

/*#define CLEAR_TMPQSO_GINT_UU(band,item, uitem) {\
    int i; \
    for (i=0;i<TMP_QSOS;i++) {\
        if (!band->tmpqsos[i].uitem) {\
} */
#define CLEAR_TMPQSO_GDOUBLE_UU(band,item, uitem) {\
    int i; \
    for (i=0;i<TMP_QSOS;i++) {\
        if (!band->tmpqsos[i].uitem) {\
#define CLEAR_TMPQSO_QTF(band) \

#define CLEAR_TMPQSO_QTF_UU(band) {\
    int i; \
    for (i=0;i<TMP_QSOS;i++) {\
        if (!band->tmpqsos[i].uqtf) {\
#define TMP_QSOS 3
#define DISP_QSOS 2
#define INPUTLN(b) (ctest && b ? b->il : gses->il)

void add_tmpqso_locator(struct band *b,gchar *c,int isu, int isshort); 

enum last_items{
    LI_NONE = 0,

enum ctrlstates{
    CTRL_RUN = 0,       /* RUN, TX    */
    CTRL_SP = 1,        /* S&P, no TX */
    CTRL_REQR = 2,      /* RUN, TX    */
    CTRL_REQS = 3,      /* S&P, no TX */
    CTRL_RUNING = 4,    /* S&P, TX    */
    CTRL_GIVEN = 5      /* RUN, no TX */

enum ccmd{
    CCMD_REQ = 0,       /* S&P->RUN */
    CCMD_ACC,           /* RUN->S&P */
    CCMD_REJ,           /* RUN->S&P */
    CCMD_BACK           /* S&P->RUN */
enum spymodes{
    /*SM_CALL = 0,*/
    SM_LAST = 2

struct spypeer;

struct band{
    gchar bandchar; /* 'c' ...*/
    gchar *pband;           /* 144 MHz */ 
    GPtrArray *qsos;
    struct inputln *il;
    struct tmpqso tmpqsos[TMP_QSOS];
    gchar  *unres, *qrv_str;
    gint   dupe_in_tmpqso;
    gint dirty_save, dirty_stats, dirty_statsf;
    gint readonly;
    enum modes mode;  
    gint bandmulti;
    gchar *operator;

    gint psect;
    gchar *stxeq,*spowe;        /* TM-255 + gi7b, 300 */ 
    gchar *srxeq,*sante,*santh; /* TM-255, GW4PTS, 60;800 */
    gchar *mope1,*mope2;    /* OK1XDF, OK1MZM, OK1ZIA */
    gchar *remarks;

    struct stats *stats;
    struct stats *tmpstats;
    GThread *stats_thread;
    GMutex *stats_mutex;
    int stats_break;
    /* file */
    FILE *swap;
    gint saveid,ignoreswap;

    struct fifo *swapfifo, *unfi, *statsfifo1;
    GPtrArray *qs, *oqs;
    enum last_items last_item;
    gchar *skedqrg;
    enum ctrlstates ctrlstate;
    gchar *ctrlsp;
    enum spymodes spymode;
    GPtrArray *spypeers; /* of struct spypeer */
    struct qso tmplocqso;

struct contest {
      /* EDI & contest properties */
    gchar *tname;           /* A1 Contest - MMC */
    gchar *tdate;           /* TODO */
    gchar *pcall;           /* DL/OK1KRQ/P */
    gchar *pclub;           /* OK1KRQ */
    gchar *pwwlo;           /* JN69HN12 */
    gchar *pexch;  
    gchar *default_rs,*default_rst;

      /* EDI only properties */
    gchar *padr1,*padr2;    /* Lite */
    gchar *rname;           /* Roman Staif */
    gchar *rcall;           /* OK1XST */
    gchar *radr1,*radr2;  /* Pod svabinami  */ 
    gchar *rpoco,*rcity,*rcoun;  /* 30100, Plzen, CZECHIA */
    gchar *rphon,*rhbbs;    /* 0603123456 , OK0POK */ 
      /* contest properties */
    gint  rstused;          /* no,used,optional */
    gint  qsoused;          /* no,used,optional */
    gint  wwlused;          /* no,used,optional */
    gint  wwltype;          /* short,normal,extended */
    gint  excused;          /* no,used,optional */
      /* points calculation */
    gint qsomult;
    gint wwlbonu,wwlmult;
    gint dxcbonu,dxcmult;  
    gint excbonu,excmult;
    gint qsop_method;            /* 1..12 */
    gint total_method;       /* 1..2 */
    GPtrArray *bands;
    GHashTable *bystamp;  /* key=source, val=GIndexArray */
                          /* GIndexArrays are NOT sorted by ser_id but only by stamp */
     /* disk */
    FILE *descfile;     /* ~/tucnak/.../desc */ 
    FILE *logfile;      /* ~/tucnak/.../log */ 
    gchar *directory;   /* /home/ok1zia/tucnak/20021113.2 */
    gchar *cdate;       /* 20021113 without .X */ 
     /* network */
    int redraw_timer_id;
     /* autosave */
    int as_disk_qsonr, as_disk_time, as_floppy_qsonr, as_floppy_time;
    int qrv;             /* bit array of used bands */
    int recording;       /* date of contest is near to actual date*/

      int minute_timer_id; /* for statistics */
    int hf;              /* HF contest */

extern struct contest *ctest;
extern struct band *aband;
struct conn;
extern char *mode_msg[];

int init_ctest(void);
int new_ctest(char *tdate); /* called after filling data members by refresh_... */
void free_ctest(void);
struct band *init_band(struct config_band *, GHashTable *opt_band);
void free_band(struct band *b);
void free_qso(struct qso *qso);
struct band *find_band_by_pband(char *pband);
struct band *find_band_by_bandchar(char bandchar);
struct band *init_qrv_bands(void);
int write_qso_to_swap(struct band *b, struct qso *q);
void add_qso(struct band *b, struct qso *q);
struct qso *get_qso(struct band *b, gint i);
struct qso *get_qso_by_callsign(struct band *b, gchar *callsign);
struct qso *get_qso_by_id(struct band *b, gchar *source, gint ser_id);
struct qso *get_qso_by_qsonr(struct band *b, int qsonr);
void add_error(struct band *b, gchar *remark);
void activate_band(struct band *b);
int add_tmpxchg(struct band *band, gchar *xchg);
int add_swap(struct band *band, gchar *s);
void clear_tmpqsos(struct band *b);
void default_rst_to_tmpqsos(struct band *b);

int export_all_bands_edi(void);
int export_all_bands_report(void);
int export_all_bands_html(void);
int export_all_bands_titlpage(void);
struct config_band *get_config_band_by_bandchar(char bandchar);
struct config_band *get_config_band_by_pband(char *pband);
struct config_band *get_config_band_by_qrg(int qrg); /* kHz */
void foreach_source_recalc_ser_id(gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer data);
void foreach_source_qsort_by_stamp(gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer data);
void foreach_source_print(gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer data);

void add_qso_to_index(struct qso *q, int qsort_if_needed);
void remove_qso_from_index(struct qso *q);
gchar *get_latests_str(void);
int compare_stamp(const void *a, const void *b);
void compute_qrbqtf(struct qso *q);
GPtrArray *get_band_qs(struct band *band, gchar *str);
GPtrArray *get_oband_qs(struct band *band, gchar *str);
gchar *find_wwl_by_oband(struct band *oband, gchar *call);
int load_ctest_from_mem(struct contest *ctest, gchar *datedir, GHashTable *hash);
void qso_mark_as_error(struct band *b, gint i);
int get_psect_int(char *psect);
void dump_qso(struct qso *q, char *desc);
void invalidate_tmpqso(struct band *b, struct qso *q);
void dirty_band(struct band *band);

/* edi.c */
int save_all_bands_txt(int is_autosave);
int check_autosave(void);
void load_contest_edi(gchar *date, int edi);
void add_qso_str1(GString *gs, struct qso *q, struct band *b);
void add_qso_str2(GString *gs, struct qso *q, struct band *b);
void add_qso_str3(GString *gs, struct qso *q, struct band *b);
void import_edi (void *xxx, char *filename);
void import_swap(void *xxx, char *filename);
void dump_all_sources(struct contest *ctest);
enum modes get_mode(void);
void set_mode(enum modes mode);

/* adif.c */

int export_all_bands_adif(void);
void import_adifx(char *filename);
void import_adif(void *xxx, char *filename);

/* regex.c */

#define MAX_MATCHES 10

int regcmp(char *string, char *regex);
int regcmpi(char *string, char *regex);
int regmatch(char *string, char *regex, ...);

/* subwin.c */

enum sw_type { SWT_QSOS, SWT_LOG, SWT_PIPE, SWT_TALK, 
               SWT_STAT, SWT_MAP};

struct subwin {
    gchar *title;
    enum sw_type type;
    gint x,y,w,h,hh;
    gint offset,cur,ho;
    gint ontop,focus;
    gint titl1,titl2;

    int  (*kbd_func)(struct subwin *, struct event *ev, int fw);
    int  (*mouse_func)(struct subwin *, struct event *ev, int fw);
    void (*redraw)(struct subwin *);
    void (*check_bounds)(struct subwin *);
    void (*raise)(struct subwin *);
    GPtrArray *lines;
    int eol, maxlen, unread;
    struct inputln *il; /* optional */
      /* subwins having pipes */
    gint read_fd, write_fd; 
    gint pid;
    struct winsize ws;
    GPtrArray *high; /* of gchar* */

    gchar *command;
    gint respawn_time;

    /* fifo is foreign key mostly to global variable */
    struct fifo *fifo;

    /* for graphics subwins (SWT_MAP) */
#ifdef HAVE_SDL    
    SDL_Surface *screen;
    GMutex *screen_mutex;
    int ox, oy, mx, my;
    int zoom;
    int gdirty;
    SDL_Rect map, info;
    gchar *pwwlo;
    struct qso *minq;
    double myw, myh;

struct config_subwin{
    int nr;
    enum sw_type type;
    gchar *command;
    gchar *autorun;
    int respawn_time;

struct subwin *new_subwin(enum sw_type type, gchar *title,
         /* optional */ void (*enter)(void *,gchar *));
void free_subwins(void);
void free_subwin(struct subwin *sw);

int sw_add_line(struct subwin *sw, gchar *line, int eol);
int sw_add_block(struct subwin *sw, gchar *data);

int sw_default_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
int sw_all_func(struct event *ev, int fw);
int sw_focus_func(struct event *ev, int fw);
int sw_ontop_func(struct event *ev, int fw);
struct subwin *find_sw_ontop(void);
void sw_set_focus(void); 
void sw_unset_focus(void);
struct subwin *sw_set_ontop(int n); /* n abs */
struct subwin *sw_totop_next(int n); /* n = +-1 */
void sw_set_unread(struct fifo *fifo);
void sw_unset_unread(struct fifo *fifo);
struct config_subwin *get_config_sw_by_number(GPtrArray *sws, int nr);

void sw_default_redraw(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_check_len(struct subwin *sw);
void draw_titles(int col_active, int col_passive);
int sw_line_is_highlighted(struct subwin *sw, gchar *c);

int  sw_qsos_kbd_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
int  sw_qsos_mouse_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
void sw_qsos_redraw(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_qsos_check_bounds(struct subwin *sw);
int show_qs(void);
void sw_qs_redraw(void);

/*int  sw_il_kbd_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
void sw_il_redraw(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_il_check_bounds(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_il_enter(void *enterdata, gchar *str);
int  sw_fifo_kbd_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
int  sw_fifo_mouse_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
void sw_fifo_redraw(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_fifo_check_bounds(struct subwin *sw);
int  sw_pipe_mouse_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
void sw_pipe_redraw(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_pipe_check_bounds(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_pipe_enter(void *enterdata, gchar *str);
int  sw_pipe_run(struct subwin *sw, char *cmd);
void sw_pipe_read_handler(union cba_t);
void sw_pipe_write_handler(union cba_t);
void sw_pipe_exception_handler(union cba_t);
void sw_pipe_kill(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_pipe_match(gpointer acall, gpointer nic, gpointer astr);
int sw_pipe_hihglight(struct subwin *sw, char *str);
int sw_pty_run(struct subwin *sw, char *cmd);
int sw_pipe_run(struct subwin *sw, char *cmd);
void sw_talk_enter(void *enterdata, gchar *str);
void sw_talk_read(gchar *);

int sw_dxc_kbd_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
int sw_dxc_mouse_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
void sw_dxc_redraw(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_dxc_check_bounds(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_sked_read(gchar *str, int from_my);
int  sw_unfi_kbd_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
int  sw_unfi_mouse_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
void sw_unfi_redraw(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_unfi_check_bounds(struct subwin *sw);

int  sw_stat_kbd_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
int  sw_stat_mouse_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
void sw_stat_redraw(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_stat_check_bounds(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_stat_raise(struct subwin *sw);

    /* cwdb.c */
extern struct cw *cw;  
struct cw_item{
   gchar *wwl0, *wwl1;    
   gint stamp0, stamp1;
   gint qrv;                /* bit array, lsb = A = 50MHz etc. Since 1.15 */

struct wc_item{
   gchar *call0, *call1;    
   gint stamp0, stamp1;

struct cw{
    THashTable *cw; /* key=call, value=cw_item */
    GHashTable *wc;
    int latest;
    int minstamp;

struct qs{
    GPtrArray *result1;
    gchar *str;

struct cw *init_cw(void);
void free_cw(struct cw *cw);

gint get_cw_size(struct cw *cw);
gint get_wc_size(struct cw *cw);

void load_one_cw(struct cw *cw, gchar *s);
int load_cw_from_file(struct cw *cw, gchar *filename);
void read_cw_files(struct cw *cw);
int save_cw_string(struct cw *cw, GString *gs);
int save_cw_into_file(struct cw *cw, gchar *filename);

void add_cw(struct cw *cw, gchar *call, gchar *wwl, gint stamp, gchar *qrv);
gchar *find_wwl_by_call(struct cw *cw, gchar *call);
gchar *find_wwl_by_call_newer(struct cw *cw, gchar *call, int minstamp);

void add_wc(struct cw *cw, gchar *wwl, gchar *call, gint stamp);
gchar *find_call_by_wwl(struct cw *cw, gchar *wwl);

gchar *find_qrv_str_by_call(struct cw *cw, gchar *call);

int compare_gstring(const void *a, const void *b);

void update_cw_from_band(struct cw *cw, struct band *band);
void update_cw_from_ctest(struct cw *cw, struct contest *ctest);

char *my_strstr(const char *, const char *);
char *my_strcasestr(const char *phaystack, const char *pneedle);

void get_cw_qs(gchar *str);
gpointer cw_thread_func(gpointer data);
int cmp_cw_qs(gchar *call, struct cw_item *cwi, GPtrArray *result);
void qs_thread_create(void);
void qs_thread_join(void);
void qs_thread_kill(void);
int get_susp_ambiguous_call(struct cw *cw, char *call, char *wwl, GString *gs, int thr);
int similar_calls(const char *call1, const char *call2, int factor, int thr, int p);
int cwdb_call_info(GString *gs, gchar *call, gchar *stroke);

   /* dwdb.c */

#include "txts.h"

extern struct dw *dw;

struct dw_item{
    gchar *wwl0, *wwl1;   /* center of activity (optional),  */
                            /* center of dxcc (geometric)     */
    GHashTable *wwls;      /* all wwls valid for this dxcc */

struct wd_item{
    gchar *dxc0, *dxc1;

struct dw{
    GHashTable *pd;  /* key=prefix "DF", value=dxcc (main prefix) "DL" */
    GHashTable *dw;  /* key=dxcc "DL", value=dw_item */
    GHashTable *wd;  /* key=big wwl, "JN69" */

struct dw *init_dw(void);
void free_dw(struct dw *dw);

gint get_pd_size(struct dw *dw);
gint get_dw_size(struct dw *dw);
gint get_wd_size(struct dw *dw);

gchar *safe_fgets(GString *gs, FILE *f, int stripcomment);
gchar *safe_mgets(GString *gs, const char *file, long int *pos, const long int len, int stripcomment);
void add_pd(struct dw *dw, gchar *prefix, gchar *dxc);
struct dw_item *add_dxc(struct dw *dw, gchar *dxc, gchar *wwl0, gchar *wwl1);
void add_dw(struct dw_item *dxci, gchar *dxc, gchar *wwl);
void add_wd(struct dw *dw, gchar *wwl, gchar *dxc);
int load_dw_from_file(struct dw *dw, gchar *filename);
int load_cty_from_file(struct dw *dw, gchar *filename);
void read_dw_files(struct dw *dw);

int wwl_is_ok_by_call(struct dw *dw, gchar *wwl, gchar *call);
int get_susp(struct cw *cw, struct dw *dw, gchar *call, gchar *wwl, int ambig);
int get_susp_call(struct cw *cw, struct dw *dw, gchar *call, gchar *wwl);
int get_susp_loc(struct cw *cw, struct dw *dw, gchar *call, gchar *wwl);
gchar *find_wwl_by_dxc(struct dw *dw,  gchar *dxc);
gchar *find_dxc_by_wwl(struct dw *dw, gchar *wwl);
char *get_dxcc(struct dw *dw, char *buf, char *call);

gboolean free_gpointer_item(gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer user_data);
int load_dw_from_mem(struct dw *dw, const char *file, const long int len);
int load_cty_from_mem(struct dw *dw, const char *file, const long int len);
void call_info(union cba_t cba);
void menu_qso_check(union cba_t cba);

/* net.c */

#define C0(item) (item?item:"")

extern struct net *net;

enum net_state { 
    NS_DEAD,  /* conn removed immediately */

extern char *ns_desc[];

struct conn{
    struct sockaddr_in sin;   /* {sin_port, sin_addr.s_addr } */
    int sock; 
    enum net_state state;
    GString *wrbuf, *rdbuf;
    int relseq;
    int timer;
    gchar *remote_id;
    gchar *remote_ac;
    gchar *operator;
    int is_same_ctest;
    int replicating;     /* replicating from other station in progress, huge amout of QSOs */

struct net{
    struct sockaddr_in my; /* IP of first interface (except lo) in alphab. order. host byteorder */
    gchar *myid; /* or */
    struct sockaddr_in global; /* global master */
    time_t global_expire; 
    int udpsock;   /* listen for announcement, -1 unused */
    int tcpsock;   /* listen for slaves, -1 unused */
    int udptimer_id; 
    int udptimer_period;
    struct sockaddr bcast_addr[MAX_INTERFACES];
    int max_addrs;

    struct conn *master;
    GPtrArray *peers; /* struct conn[] */
    gchar *allpeers; /* separated by semicolon */
    void (*peerfunc)(void); /* todo */


struct net *init_net(void);
void free_net(struct net *net);

int init_net_udp (struct net *net);
int init_net_tcp (struct net *net);
int init_net_ifaces(struct net *net);
void free_net_udp(struct net *net);
void free_net_tcp(struct net *net);
void free_net_ifaces(struct net *net);
void free_conn(struct conn *conn);

void udp_read_handler(union cba_t);
void udp_exception_handler(union cba_t);
void udp_timer(union cba_t);

void tcp_read_handler(union cba_t);
void tcp_write_handler(union cba_t);
void tcp_exception_handler(union cba_t);
void tcp_accept_handler(union cba_t);

void rel_write(struct conn *conn, gchar *s);
void rel_write_all(gchar *s);
void rel_read(struct conn *conn, gchar *s);

void tcp_set_state(struct conn *conn, enum net_state state);

void tcp_connect(struct conn *conn);
void tcp_disconnect(struct conn *conn);
void tcp_kill(struct conn *conn);
int cmp_sin(struct sockaddr_in *a, struct sockaddr_in *b);
void net_send_id(void);
void net_send_ac(void);
void net_send_operator(void);
void net_test_same_contest(struct conn *conn, gchar *ac_text);
void compare_remote_with_me(gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer data);
void qso_from_net(struct conn *conn, gchar *c);
void replicate_qso(struct conn *conn, struct qso *q);
gchar *get_timer_str(struct conn *conn);
void send_config_request(int no);
void send_cwdb_request(int no);
int conn_prod_state(struct conn *conn);
int some_replicating(struct net *net);
struct conn *find_conn_by_remote_id(gchar *remote_id);

    /* loc.c */
#define MY_PI 3.14159265358979323846

double qth(char *qth,int width);
char *compute_wwl4(char *s, double h, double w);
char *mkwwl4(char *buf, int w, int h);
char *hw2loc(char *buf, double w, double h);
char *x2gramin(char *buf, double x, char *signs);

int qrbqtf(char *myqth,char *recqth,double *qrb,double *qtf,char *str, int flags);
int hw2qrbqtf(double h1, double w1, double h2, double w2, double *qrb, double *qtf);

int qrbqtf2hw(double h1, double w1, double qrb, double qtf, double *h2, double *w2);
int xy2qrbqtf(struct gfx *gfx, int x, int y, double *qrb, double *qtf);
int xy2hw(struct gfx *gfx, int x, int y, double *h, double *w);
int qsopwr( char *myqth, char *recqth);
int qthwr(char *qth,int width);
void qrb_qtf_int(gchar *wwl, int *qrb_int, int *qtf_int);
int iaru_round(double qrb);

    /* fifo.c */ 
struct fifo{
    int x,y,w,h,maxlen,ho;
    int withouttime;
    GPtrArray *items;

#define log_adds(s) fifo_adds(glog, s) 

extern struct fifo *glog, *gtalk, *gsked;
struct fifo *init_fifo(int maxlen);
void fifo_resize(struct fifo *log, int x, int y, int w, int h);
void free_fifo(struct fifo *fifo);
void drop_fifo(struct fifo *fifo);
void fifo_adds(struct fifo *fifo, gchar *str);
void fifo_addf(struct fifo *fifo, char *m, ...); 
void fifo_addfq(struct fifo *fifo, char *m, ...); 
void log_addf(char *m, ...); 
int fifo_len(struct fifo *fifo);
gchar *fifo_index(struct fifo *fifo, int);
int save_fifo_to_file(struct fifo *fifo, gchar *filename);
int load_fifo_from_file(struct fifo *fifo, gchar *filename, int drop);
void log_draw(struct fifo *fifo);

    /* wizz.c */

struct wizz_item{
    gchar *tname,*pexch;
    gint rstused,qsoused,wwlused,wwltype/* ? */,excused;
    gint shorttonormal, insertpexch;
    gchar *pexchtype;
    gint qsomult, minqsop, maxqsop, qsop_method;
    gint wwlbonu, wwlmult, dxcbonu, dxcmult;
    gint excbonu, excmult, total_method;

struct wizz{
    GPtrArray *items; /* struct wizz_item */

extern struct wizz *wizz;

struct wizz *init_wizz(void);
void free_wizz_item(struct wizz_item *wi);
void free_wizz(struct wizz *wizz);
struct wizz_item *find_wizz(struct wizz *wizz, gchar *tname);

int load_wizz_from_file(struct wizz *wizz, gchar *filename);
void read_wizz_files(struct wizz *wizz);

struct wizz_item *get_wizz(struct wizz *wizz, int i);
struct wizz_item *find_wizz(struct wizz *wizz, gchar *tname);

      /* ppdev.c */

int parport_init   (struct cwdaemon *);
int parport_open   (struct cwdaemon *cwda, int verbose);
int parport_free   (struct cwdaemon *);
int parport_reset  (struct cwdaemon *);
int parport_cw     (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int parport_ptt    (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int parport_ssbway (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);

      /* inpout.c */

#ifdef __CYGWIN__
int parport_init   (struct cwdaemon *);
int parport_open   (struct cwdaemon *cwda, int verbose);
int parport_free   (struct cwdaemon *);
int parport_reset  (struct cwdaemon *);
int parport_cw     (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int parport_ptt    (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int parport_ssbway (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);

      /* ttys.c */

int ttys_init   (struct cwdaemon *);
int ttys_open   (struct cwdaemon *cwda, int verbose);
int ttys_free   (struct cwdaemon *);
int ttys_reset  (struct cwdaemon *);
int ttys_cw     (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int ttys_ptt    (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int ttys_ssbway (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);

      /* davac4.c */
int davac4_init    (struct cwdaemon *);
int davac4_open    (struct cwdaemon *cwda, int verbose);
int davac4_free    (struct cwdaemon *);
int davac4_reset   (struct cwdaemon *);
int davac4_cw      (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int davac4_ptt     (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int davac4_ssbway  (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int davac4_monitor (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);

struct ftdi_context *ftdi_new(void);
void ftdi_free(struct ftdi_context *ftdi);

void usb_info(void);


    /* cwdaemon.c */


struct cwdaemon {
      int (*init)    (struct cwdaemon *);
      int (*free)    (struct cwdaemon *);
      int (*reset)   (struct cwdaemon *);
    int (*text)    (struct cwdaemon *, char *);
      int (*sspeed)  (struct cwdaemon *, int);
      int (*sweight) (struct cwdaemon *, int);
      int (*cw)      (struct cwdaemon *, int);
      int (*ptt)     (struct cwdaemon *, int);
      int (*ssbway)  (struct cwdaemon *, int);
      int (*monitor) (struct cwdaemon *, int);
      int (*echo)    (struct cwdaemon *);

      int fd;
      char *desc;
    gint speed, weight;
    GThread *thread;
    int thread_break, abort;
    int pipe_read, pipe_write;
    GString *code;
    GMutex *code_mutex;
    struct cwdev *dev;
#ifdef __CYGWIN__
      HINSTANCE hInpOut;
    GMutex *hInpOut_mutex;
      short _stdcall (*inp32)(short port);
      void _stdcall (*out32)(short port, short data);
      short baseport;
      unsigned char ctrl;
    struct ftdi_context *ftdi;
    unsigned char ftdi_state;
    int tune;
    int sock;

extern struct cwdaemon *cwda;

struct cwdaemon *init_cwdaemon(void);
void free_cwdaemon(struct cwdaemon *cwda);

void cwdaemon_read_handler(struct cwdaemon *cwda, char *s);
void cq_cw_wait(struct cq *cq);
void cq_timer_cw2(union cba_t cq);
void cwdaemon_set_defaults(struct cwdaemon *cwda, int speed);
gpointer cwdaemon_thread_func(gpointer data);
void cwdaemon_echo(struct cwdaemon *cwda);

int cwdaemon_text(struct cwdaemon *cwda, char *text);
void cwdaemon_abort(struct cwdaemon *cwda);
void cwdaemon_safe_abort(struct cwdaemon *cwda);
void cwdaemon_ptt(struct cwdaemon *cwda, int ptt);
void cwdaemon_ssbway(struct cwdaemon *cwda, int ssbway); /* 0=microphone, 1=soundcard */
int cwdaemon_speed(struct cwdaemon *cwda, int wpm);
void cwdaemon_qrq(struct cwdaemon *cwda, int qrq);
void cwdaemon_qrs(struct cwdaemon *cwda, int qrs);
int cwdaemon_weight(struct cwdaemon *cwda, int weight);
void cwdaemon_tune(struct cwdaemon *cwda, int tune);

void parport_info  (void);

int cwd_init   (struct cwdaemon *);
int cwd_free   (struct cwdaemon *);
int cwd_reset  (struct cwdaemon *);
int cwd_text   (struct cwdaemon *, char *text);
int cwd_speed  (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int cwd_weight (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int cwd_cw     (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int cwd_ptt    (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int cwd_ssbway (struct cwdaemon *, int onoff);
int cwd_echo   (struct cwdaemon *);
void cwd_read_handler(union cba_t cba);
void cwd_tone(struct cwdaemon *cwda, int tone);

struct cq{
    int nr;
    int type; /* MOD_CW_CW, MOD_SSB_SSB */

    gchar *cw_str;
    int    cw_speed;  /* 0 = unused */
    int    cw_repeat; /* 0 or 1 */
    int    cw_ts;     /* tenth of second */
    int    cw_allowifundef;
    gchar *ssb_file;
    int    ssb_repeat;/* 0 or 1 */
    int    ssb_ts;    /* tenth of second */

struct cq *init_cq(void);
struct cq *get_cq_by_number(GPtrArray *cqs, int nr);
void free_cq (struct cq *cq);

int cq_run_cw(struct cq *cq);
int cq_run_ssb(struct cq *cq);
int cq_run_by_number(int no);
int cq_abort(int abort_rec);
void cq_timer_cw(union cba_t cq);
void cq_timer_ssb1(union cba_t cq);
void cq_ssb_wait(struct cq *cq);
void cq_timer_ssb2(union cba_t cq);

gchar *convert_cq(struct cq *cq);
gchar *convert_esc(gchar *format, int *undef, int flags); 
gchar *optimize_path(gchar *src); /* src must be allocated by glib, return can differ */

    /* cwwindow.c */

#define CWW_MAXSTR 100

struct cwwin_data{
    int x,y,w,h;
    char text[CWW_MAXSTR];
    int speed;

void cwwindow_func(struct window *win, struct event *ev, int fwd);

    /* ssbd.c */
#define SSBBUFFER_LEN 1024
#define CE_NONE             0
#define CE_ONLY_STRFTIME    1

struct ssbd {
    int recording;
    int proc_break; /* local for child process, not shared memory */
    pid_t pid;
    FILE *f;
    gchar *callsign;
    gchar *pfilename, *rfilename;
    gint serno;
    short buffer [SSBBUFFER_LEN];
    SNDFILE *sndfile;
    int sndfd;  /* filedescriptor for sndfile */
    int norecshowed;
    int midlevel, maxlevel, cntlevel, loglevel;
    time_t recstop;
#ifdef HAVE_SDL    
    SDL_Surface *norecicon, *playicon, *recicon;
    void *norecicon, *playicon, *recicon;

extern struct ssbd *ssbd;

struct ssbd *init_ssbd(void);
void free_ssbd(struct ssbd *ssbd);

int ssbd_play_file(struct ssbd *ssbd, gchar *filename);
int ssbd_rec_file(struct ssbd *ssbd);
void ssbd_abort(struct ssbd *ssbd, int abort_rec);
int ssbd_recording(struct ssbd *ssbd);
int ssbd_callsign(struct ssbd *ssbd, char *call);
void ssbd_play_read_handler(struct ssbd *ssbd, gchar *str);
void ssbd_rec_read_handler(struct ssbd *ssbd, gchar *str);

gpointer ssbd_play_thread_func(gpointer data);
gpointer ssbd_rec_thread_func(gpointer data);
void ssbd_thread_create(struct ssbd *ssbd, GThreadFunc thread_func);
void ssbd_thread_join(struct ssbd *ssbd);
void ssbd_thread_kill(struct ssbd *ssbd);
int mkdir_p(const char *s,mode_t mode);
int fmkdir_p(const char *filename, mode_t mode);
void ssbd_watchdog(struct ssbd *ssbd);
void ssbd_play_last_sample(struct ssbd *ssbd);

    /* cor.c */

#ifdef HAVE_SDL 

#define COR_KM_MASK 0xffffff00
#define COR_KM_MIN  -19968
#define COR_KM_MAX  20224
#define COR_KM_STEP 256

struct cpoint{
  short int w,h;
  char c;

#include "cor.h"

struct kmpoint{
    short int kx,ky;
    char c;

struct kmarray{
    struct kmpoint *data;
    int len;
    int size;

struct cor{
    const struct cpoint *file1;
    int items;
    gchar *loc;
    GHashTable *km; /* of struct ckmpoint */
    GHashTable *wwl4; /* of struct ckmpoint */
    GHashTable *wwl2; /* of struct ckmpoint */

extern struct cor *cor;
extern double maxcnt;
extern double gst[360];

struct kmarray *kmarray_new(void);
void kmarray_add(GHashTable *hash, gpointer key, struct kmpoint *km);
struct cor *init_cor(void);
int load_cor(char *filename);
void read_cor_files(void);
int recalc_cor(struct subwin *sw, gchar *locator);
gboolean free_km_item(gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer user_data);
void free_cor(struct cor *cor);
gpointer k2key(int kx, int ky);

    /* font.c */

#define R_EARTH (111.2*180.0/MY_PI)
/* 6371.2907 */
/* #define R_EARTH 6373.4 */
#define FONT_TRANSP 1
#define FONT_CENTER 2 
#define FONT_RIGHT  4 
#define FONT_SYNC   8
#define FONT_W 9
#define FONT_H 16
#define q0(item) (item)?(item):""

#define sqr(x) ((x)*(x))       

#ifdef HAVE_SDL
void fontoutc(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y, int color, int bgcolor, int flags, unsigned char c);
void fontout(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y, int color, int flags, char *s);
void fontoutf(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y, int color, int flags, char *m, ...); 

#endif /* HAVE_SDL */

struct takeoff{
    int from, to;
    int value;

/* dxc.c */

struct spot{
    double qrg;
    gchar *callsign,*from,*text;
    int zulu;
    time_t expire,endbold;
    struct spot *prev,*next;

struct spotdb{
    struct spot **first;
    struct spot **cur;
    int timer_id;

extern struct spotdb *spotdb;

struct spotdb *init_spotdb(void);
void free_spotdb(struct spotdb *spotdb);

void remove_spot(struct spotdb *spotdb, int bi, struct spot *spot);
struct spot *dxc_parse_spot(gchar *str);
void free_spot(struct spot *spot);
int dxc_read_spot(gchar *str);
void dxc_seek(struct spotdb *spotdb, int value);

void dxc_assert_spot(struct spot *spot);
void dxc_assert(struct spotdb *spotdb, int bi);
int dxc_remove_expired(void);
void dxc_timer(union cba_t);

    /* namedb.c */
struct namedb{
    GHashTable *names; /* key=rawcall, value=name */
    GHashTable *dummy;

extern struct namedb *namedb;  
struct namedb *init_namedb(void);
void free_namedb(struct namedb *namedb);
void read_namedb_files(struct namedb *namedb);
gchar *find_name_by_call(struct namedb *namedb, gchar *call);
int save_namedb_into_file(struct namedb *namedb, gchar *filename);
void add_namedb(struct namedb *namedb, gchar *call, gchar *name);
gint get_namedb_size(struct namedb *namedb);

/* ebw.c */

struct dbfhdr{
    char ver; /* mostly 03 */
    char year,month,day;
    guint32 records;
    guint16 hdrsize, recsize;
    char padding[20];
    /* total 32 bytes */

struct dbffield{
    char name[11]; /* \0 terminated */
    char type; /* Char,Date YYYYMMDD,Float,Logical TFYN,Memo,Numeric */ 
    guint32 disaplacement;
    char len, decimal;
    char padding[14];
    /* total 32 bytes */

int load_ebw_from_file(struct cw *cw, struct namedb *namedb, char *filename);
int read_ebw_files(struct cw *cw, struct namedb *namedb);

/* sdev.c */

#define SDINIT char sdlen=0;int sdret;char sdbuf[256]
#define SDADD(a) sdbuf[sdlen++]=(a)
#define SDADD2(a) sdbuf[sdlen++]=(a)&0xff;sdbuf[sdlen++]=(a)>>8
#define SDPLUS(sd,cmd) sdret=sd_protplus((sd),(cmd),sdbuf,&sdlen)

#define SDMAXLEN 300
#define SDFCE   1
#define SDADR   2
#define SDLEN   3

enum conntype{

struct sdev;

struct sjob{
    struct sjob *next;
    struct sjob *prev;
    int retry; 
    void (*callback)(struct sjob *sjob);
    void *param;
    int fce;
    char *req;
    unsigned char *data;
    int len,ret;
    int timer_id;       
    int state;
    struct sdev *sdev;          /*foreign*/

struct sconn{
    enum conntype type;
    int fd;
    int refcnt;

    gchar *ttys_filename;
    gchar *ip_hostname;
    int ip_port;
    struct list_head sjobq;      /* double linked list */

    int rawi;    /* members for read handler */
    unsigned char rawdata[SDMAXLEN];
    void *param;

struct sdev{
    struct sconn *sconn;
    char saddr;
    int timeout_ms;

struct sdevlist{
    GPtrArray *sdevs;   /*of struct sdev*/
    GPtrArray *sconns;  /*of struct sconn*/

struct sdevlist *sdevlist;

struct sdevlist *init_sdevlist(void);
int free_sdevlist(struct sdevlist *sdevlist);
void check_sdevlist(struct sdevlist *sdevlist);

struct sdev *sd_open_ttys(struct sdevlist *sdevlist, char saddr, char *filename, int timeout_ms);
struct sdev *sd_open_udp(char *hostname, int udpport);
struct sdev *sd_open_udp(char *hostname, int tcpport);
int free_sd(struct sdevlist *sdevlist, struct sdev *sd);

char *sd_err(int err);
int sd_send(struct sdev *sd, char fce, char *data, char len);
int sd_aprot(struct sdev *sd, char fce, char *data, char len, void (*callback)(struct sjob *sjob), void *param);
void sc_read_handler(union cba_t);
void sc_timeout(union cba_t);

void remove_sjob(struct sjob *sjob);
int free_sjob(struct sjob *sjob);

/* rotar.c */

struct sdev;

struct config_rotar{
    gint nr;

    gint rot_type,rot_port,rot_saddr,rot_timeout_ms,rot_beamwidth;
    gchar *rot_filename,*rot_hostname,*rot_desc;

struct rotar{
    /* config */
    struct sdev *sdev;
    int step;
    int rotchar; /* A, B, ... */
    gchar *desc;
    int beamwidth; /* in degrees */
    /* device versions */
    int verh, verl, identa;
    /* state */
    int qtf, elev;
    int timer_id; /* time between two command to prevent high cpu load */

    int color; /* color of arrow in polar map */

GPtrArray *rotars;
struct rotar *rotar;

int init_rotars(void);
int free_rotars(void);

struct rotar *init_rotar(struct config_rotar *cfg);
void free_rotar(struct rotar *rot);
int rot_seek(struct rotar *rot, int uhel);
struct config_rotar *get_config_rotar_by_number(GPtrArray *rotars, int nr);
struct rotar *get_rotar(int nr);
void menu_rotar(union cba_t cba);
void rotar_timer(union cba_t);

/* hash.c */

void hash_safe_insert(GHashTable *table, gchar *key, gchar *value);
gboolean free_gstr(gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer user_data);
void free_hash(GHashTable *hash);

/* control.c */

enum wt_type{
    WT_REMARK       /* unused */

struct spypeer{
    gchar *callsign;
    gchar *rsts,*rstr;
    gchar *qsonrs,*qsonrr;
    gchar *exc, *locator;
    gchar *remark, *operator;
    gint peertx;
    gchar *inputline;

    gchar *peerid;

void menu_forcerun(union cba_t cba);
void menu_spy(union cba_t cba);
void menu_endspy(union cba_t cba);
int can_tx(struct band *b);
int can_cq(struct band *b);
void menu_grabband(union cba_t cba);
void net_grab(struct band *b, enum ccmd ccmd, char *netid);
void ctrl_back(struct band *b);
void wkd_tmpqso(struct band *band, enum wt_type type, gchar *call);
void peer_tx(struct band *band, int tx); 
void send_inputline(struct band *band);
struct spypeer *init_spypeer(GPtrArray *sps, gchar *peerid);
struct spypeer *get_spypeer_by_peerid(GPtrArray *sps, gchar *peerid);
void free_spypeer(struct spypeer *sp);
void free_spypeers(GPtrArray *sps);
void clear_spypeer(struct spypeer *sp);
void send_spypeer_request(int no);

/* html.c */
gchar *qh(GString *gs, gchar *s);

/* sdl.c */
#ifdef HAVE_SDL


struct sdl{
    SDL_Surface *screen;
    SDL_Surface *icon;
    int bpp;
    SDL_Color colors[256];
    SDL_Rect termarea;
    int gr[16];
    int termcol[16];
    int yellow, red, green;
    int cursor;
    SDL_Thread *event_thread;
    int event_thread_break;
    int mouse_drag, drag_buttons;
    int eventpipestate;
    GMutex *eventpipestate_mutex;
    gchar *title;
    int mouse_x, mouse_y;
    int pipefd;
    iconv_t iconv;

extern struct sdl *sdl;
struct sdl *init_sdl(void);
void sdl_stop_event_thread(void);
void free_sdl(void);
SDL_Rect *new_rect(int x, int y, int w, int h);
void free_rect(SDL_Rect *rect);
void sdl_info(void);
int sdl_setvideomode(int w, int h, int init);
void sdl_redraw_screen(void);
int sdl_get_terminal_size(int, int *, int *);
int sdl_attach_terminal(int, int, int);
int sdl_event_thread(void *handle);
int sdl_filter_events(void *userdata, const SDL_Event *ev);
int sdl_filter_events(const SDL_Event *ev);

int makecol(int r, int g, int b);

int clip_pixel(SDL_Rect *clip, int x, int y);
void fast_putpixel8(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y, int color);
void fast_putpixel16(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y, int color);
void fast_putpixel24(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y, int color);
void fast_putpixel32(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y, int color);
extern void (*fast_putpixel)(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y, int color);
int fast_getpixel8(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y);
int fast_getpixel16(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y);
int fast_getpixel24(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y);
int fast_getpixel32(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y);
extern int (*fast_getpixel)(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y);
int overlapped_pixel(SDL_Rect *clip_rect, int x, int y);
int overlapped_rect(SDL_Rect *clip_rect, SDL_Rect *rect);
int overlapped_line(SDL_Rect *clip_rect, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2);
void line(SDL_Surface *surface, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, int color);
void cross(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y, int color, int zoom);
void rect(SDL_Surface *surface, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, int c);
void rect2(SDL_Surface *surface, SDL_Rect *r, int c);
int sdl_set_title(gchar *title);
void sdl_screenshot(int topwindow);

/* map.c */

int  sw_map_kbd_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
int  sw_map_mouse_func(struct subwin *sw, struct event *ev, int fw);
void sw_map_redraw(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_map_check_bounds(struct subwin *sw);
void sw_map_raise(struct subwin *sw);
int maps_reload(void);
void map_clear_qso(struct qso *qso);
void map_add_qso(struct qso *qso);
#ifdef HAVE_SDL
void sw_map_redraw_rect(struct subwin *sw, SDL_Rect *area);
void km2px(struct subwin *sw, int kx, int ky, int *px, int *py);
void px2km(struct subwin *sw, int px, int py, int *kx, int *ky);
void pxkm2o(struct subwin *sw, int px, int py, int kx, int ky, int *ox, int *oy);
void hw2km(double h1, double w1, double h2, double w2, int *kx, int *ky);
void km2qrbqtf(int kx, int ky, double *qrb, double *qtf);

void plot_cor(struct subwin *sw, SDL_Surface *surface, SDL_Rect *area);
void plot_qso(struct subwin *sw, SDL_Surface *surface, struct qso *qso);
void plot_qsos(struct subwin *sw, SDL_Surface *surface, SDL_Rect *area);
void plot_nearest(struct subwin *sw);
void plot_info(struct subwin *sw, SDL_Surface *surface, struct qso *qso);
int plot_qrb_qth(struct subwin *sw, SDL_Surface *surface, int mouse_x, int mouse_y);

void map_update_layout(struct subwin *sw);
void move_map(struct subwin *sw, struct SDL_Surface *surface, int dx, int dy);
void zoom(struct subwin *sw, double factor, int centerx, int centery);

int map_update_qth(struct subwin *sw);
void map_recalc_cors(void);
struct qso *find_nearest(struct band *b, int mouse_x, int mouse_y);

/* dsp */

#define MAX_CHANNELS 4

enum dsp_type { DSPT_OSS, DSPT_ALSA, DSPT_SSBD };

struct dsp{
    enum dsp_type type;

/* OSS only */    
    char *filename;
    int fd;
    int fmt_mask;
    int oss_format,fragment,blksize;

/* Alsa only */    
#ifdef HAVE_ALSA    
    snd_pcm_t *pcm;
    snd_pcm_format_t pcm_format;
    int bpf;        /* bytes per frame 8bit=1, 16bit=2 ... */
    int pcm_opened;
/* OSS and Alsa */
    gchar *name;
    int channels,speed;
    char *source;
    int (*open)(struct dsp *dsp, int rec);
    int (*close)(struct dsp *dsp);
    int (*write)(struct dsp *dsp, void *data, int len);
    int (*read)(struct dsp *dsp, void *data, int len);
    int (*reset)(struct dsp *dsp);
    int (*sync)(struct dsp *dsp);
    int (*set_format)(struct dsp *dsp, SF_INFO *sfinfo);
      int (*set_source)(struct dsp *dsp);

/* format:
    0x10005     8 bit PCM
    0x10002     16 bit PCM    
    0x10010     u-law
    0x10011     a-law
    0x10012     IMA ADPCM
    0x10013     MS ADPCM
    0x10020     GSM 6.1  */

extern struct dsp *dsp;

struct dsp *init_dsp (void);
void free_dsp(struct dsp *dsp);

int dummy_dsp_set_format(struct dsp *dsp, SF_INFO *sfinfo);
int dummy_dsp_open(struct dsp *dsp, int rec);
int dummy_dsp_close(struct dsp *dsp);
int dummy_dsp_write(struct dsp *dsp, void *data, int len);
int dummy_dsp_read(struct dsp *dsp, void *data, int len);
int dummy_dsp_reset(struct dsp *dsp);
int dummy_dsp_sync(struct dsp *dsp);
int dummy_dsp_set_source(struct dsp *dsp);

/* oss.c */

int oss_set_format(struct dsp *dsp, SF_INFO *sfinfo);
int oss_open(struct dsp *dsp, int rec);
int oss_close(struct dsp *dsp);
int oss_write(struct dsp *dsp, void *data, int len);
int oss_read(struct dsp *dsp, void *data, int len);
int oss_reset(struct dsp *dsp);
int oss_sync(struct dsp *dsp);
int oss_get_sources(GString *labels);
int oss_set_source(struct dsp *dsp);
char *oss_recsrc2source(int recsrc);

char *stripr(char *s);

/* alsa.c */

int alsa_set_format(struct dsp *dsp, SF_INFO *sfinfo);
int alsa_open(struct dsp *dsp, int rec);
int alsa_close(struct dsp *dsp);
int alsa_write(struct dsp *dsp, void *data, int len);
int alsa_read(struct dsp *dsp, void *data, int len);
int alsa_reset(struct dsp *dsp);
int alsa_sync(struct dsp *dsp);
int alsa_get_sources(GString *labels);
int alsa_set_source(struct dsp *dsp);


  /* threadpipe.c */

struct threadpipe{
    int threadpipe_read, threadpipe_write; /* communication worker_threads->main */
    GString *threadpipe_rdbuf;

extern struct threadpipe *tpipe;
struct threadpipe *init_threadpipe(void);
void free_threadpipe(struct threadpipe *tpipe);
void threadpipe_read_handler(union cba_t cba);
void threadpipe_rel_read(gchar *str);

  /* img_png.c */
#ifdef HAVE_SDL
SDL_Surface *do_png_load(char *filename);
SDL_Surface *do_png_create(const void *data, int len);

  /* gfx_img.c */
#ifdef HAVE_SDL
int do_png_save(SDL_Surface * surf, char * fname);

  /* icons.inc */
#include "icons.h"

  /* defrc.c */
extern const char *defrc;

  /* alsa.c */
#ifdef HAVE_ALSA
void alsa_info(void);

  /* scandir.c */
/*int tucnak_scandir(const char *dir, struct dirent ***namelist, int (*select) (const struct dirent *), int (*cmp) (const void *, const void *));*/
int tucnak_scandir(const char *dir, struct dirent ***namelist, int (*select) (const struct dirent *), int (*cmp) (const void *, const void *));
int tucnak_alphasort (const void *a, const void *b);

#endif /* __HEADER_H */     

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